Windows, Sunrooms, Heaters and More

Learn about the most time and money saving updates you can make to your home. Shop for products and start energy efficient renovations today.

Window Styles For Any Home

Window Man and More uses the highest quality replacement windows for guaranteed customer satisfaction. They're vinyl, metal-reinforced, energy-saving windows with lots of styles and features to choose from.

You may still be eligible for U.S Energy Tax Credits giving your federal tax savings for purchasing products that meet the new energy-efficiency requirements.


Therman Industries Sunroom is a desirable and attractive addition, regardless of your home's architectural style. Our Sunrooms are environmentally friendly and are backed by the industry's best warranty.

Our Patio Cover expands your entertaining space and offers the protection you need from the elements at a fraction of a conventional roof.

Water Heaters

Are your energy bills too much to afford? Fafco's Solar Water Heaters harness the power of the sun to heat your water!

Window Man and More solar water heating solutions are designed to work with electric, natural gas or tankless (instantaneous) water heaters. They can be added to any existing system!

Energy Barrier

The importance of effective attic insulation cannot be understated. Your attic is the number one area responsible for heat loss/gain in your home. Therefore, attic insulation is a major player in your home's heating and cooling.

Window Man and More also offers a reflective attic insulation product. Unlike typical insulation that merely resists heat, our reflective attic insulation reflects heat by acting as a radiant heat barrier.